Travel Tuesday: What’s New?

by Hilary on August 9, 2011

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, LA

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, LA

    Rumor has it the Entourage boys are staying in the Gable Lombard Penthouse Suite at the Hollywood Roosevelt. Three full-size bedrooms, a full-sized kitchen, vaulted ceilings, 1,500sq.ft. of roof deck space underneath the Hollywood Roosevelt sign, and a built-in surround system, among many other amenities are included in this bad boy. [Hotel Chatter]

    Hate that first travel day when all you seem to do is miss your stop, lose your way, get caught in a downpour, all while jet-lagged? The New York Times helps us cheer up from those first 24-hour travel blues. [New York Times]
    Next time you snuggle up in a comfy hotel robe think twice before taking it with you upon check out — a small but growing number of hotels are starting to use new radio frequency chips to keep track of their inventory. [USA Today]
    Seems like ordinary people aren’t the only ones being laid off these days. John Travolta, whose three-minute safety cameo has been shown on every Qantas flight for the last five months, has been canned. [CNN]
  • FLY
    Relax, Yahoo! brings us the safest airports in America — and we’re at an all-time high. Last year’s accident rate was 0.61 percent—one for every 1.6 million flights. [Yahoo! Travel]

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