Totally Wild and Trashy Spring Break Spots

by Rachel on March 6, 2012

When you’re in college, Spring Break is the ultimate in week-long partying (for us it was, at least). Those seven days or so are reserved for drinking, sun tanning, dancing, and you know, um, making out. But sometimes, things can get really raunchy — think Girls Gone Wild, but without Joe Francis and his camera crew breathing uncomfortably down your neck. If you wanna hit the hottest parties this coming Spring, you’re going to need to book now — and these four spots are perfect for stripping down, boozing hard, and getting your freak on.

Swim with Sexy Bodies (and possibly bodily fluids) at the Sunday Rehab Pool Party at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas, NV

Throngs of young people hit the Hard Rock Hotel's Sunday Rehab Pool Party each week in Las Vegas.

This fabled party draws hotel guests, other Vegas visitors and even locals — so be weary of the long lines to get in — yes, even if you are staying at the Hard Rock. Luckily, guests enter free (via wristbands) — but otherwise ladies pay a $50 cover fee while the men shell out $100. But everyone has to wait in line. Stare in amazement (or participate) as hundreds of toned, tanned bodies splash, dance and get seriously rowdy to tunes spun by world-famous DJs including Paul Oakenfold and Bad Boy Bill. Thousands attempt to hit the noon-till-eight affair for the “sexy girls” and “hot bodies” visitors have cited, and rightfully so — the party’s been dubbed so scandalous that it even has its own TruTV reality show.

Check out more scandalous situations after the jump!

Pretend to Have Sex (and later get some) at the Viva Wyndham Dominicus Palace Resort – Dominican Republic

A menage a trois of guests indulge in the Kama Sutra Game at the Viva Wyndham Dominicus Palace in the D.R.

A great, all-inclusive resort, the Viva Dominicus is great for horny, under-21 set who are looking to get down, dirty, and drink — legally, of course. We can’t help but dig the hotel’s overt attempts at making hook ups happen — check out our buddies over here, who were in the midst of the “Kama Sutra” game — one of the many adult activities offered. Hotel guests participate in this risque game by mimicking varying sex positions, racing to break a balloon between their, ahem, private parts. Too steamy? Check out a free trapeze lesson and get your thrills without taking off your pants.


Take a Jacuzzi for Two (or more) at the Beach Palace – Cancun, Mexico

The Jacuzzis at the Beach Palace in Cancun, Mexico at least look pretty clean to us, but we can't make any guarantees.

Located in the heart of the Hotel Zone area — a.k.a. Cancun’s party mecca, the Beach Palace is a slick alternative to the many cheesy spots. After making an obliged visit to Senor Frogs or Carlos n Charlie, the rooftop pool is sexy enough by itself to get your hook-up buddy out of his or her swimsuit. But the Beach Palace takes it up a notch, featuring two-person Jacuzzis in each guestroom, perfect for…soaking after a long workout? We’ll let your imaginations run wild on this one. Seven on-site bars make this all-inclusive resort ideal for those looking to gulp down alcohol with no abandon.



Get Really Close at the Passion Lounge at ME Cabo – Los Cabos, Mexico

This curvy couch in ME Cabo's Passion Lounge is begging for some action, don't you think?

Chiffon-enclosed, tufted velvet couches are pretty hot by themselves, but when sweating partiers sit down and knock a few back — or hop (err…grind) on someone’s lap — those couches get even hotter. Enter Passion Lounge at ME Cabo, the resort’s (successful) attempt to keep its hip, sexy crowd confined to its property, despite the hotel’s next-to-downtown location. Even travelers staying elsewhere flock to the resort, which also offers nightspot Nikki Beach for Spring Breakers to revel at. If you party until the wee hours of day, snag one of the poolside cabana beds to keep your new buddy close by.



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