Toddler-friendly activities in Las Vegas

by Hilarye Fuller on March 11, 2011

The Bellagio

The Bellagio

Some people may not realize that Las Vegas is a great destination for family vacations. I remember visiting Las Vegas as a kid and being excited by all the lights, glitz, and glamor.  Of course, my parents did all they could to shield us from the half-naked showgirls in the lobbies, but being young and naive we barely even noticed. Think about all the fantastic swimming pools, roller coasters, arcades, and shops strewn about the strip- it’s a kid’s paradise disguised as an adult’s playhouse!

Even the littlest Vegas go-ers can enjoy some time on the strip. Here is a list of a few toddler-friendly Las Vegas activities:

The Bellagio

The Bellagio

Bellagio, Las Vegas Atrium and Fountains: The atrium at the Bellagio changes each season and for holidays to showcase vibrant colors, flowers, and shapes that will appeal to little ones. Be sure to head outside for the fountain show once you are finished exploring the atrium. My little girl loves to watch and wonder at the fountains and music, but it’s very entertaining for all ages.

MGM Grand Las Vegas Lion Habitat: Little kids love animals, especially the large ones they usually only see in books. Both kids and adults will enjoy the lion habitat and learning about the king of the animal world.

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas Shark Reef: This is not your average aquarium. This is an impressive, undersea habitat featuring 2,000 different species, including rare crocodiles, jellyfish, and endangered sea turtles. Your toddler won’t be the only one oohing and awing.

Mirage, Las Vegas Secret Garden: This is a great place for kids of all ages to explore because it’s not everyday you get to see dolphins play and tigers roar. But be careful, because when your toddler is begging to bring one of the tigers home it may be hard to remember they aren’t quite cuddly as they look .

the Flamingo

the Flamingo

Flamingo, Las Vegas Wildlife Habitat: We love this fun and free wildlife habitat nestled in the middle of the Flamingo Hotel. You will find a flock of flamingos to gaze upon, as well as koi fish, turtles, ducks, swans, and even pheasants!

New York New York, Las Vegas Arcade: While many of the games and activities are a little too old for the younger crowd, toddlers will enjoy running around and looking at all the lights and noise in the arcade. They will also enjoy playing along with some of the games and can definitely find a prize to their liking.

What are some of your favorite places to take toddlers when your family visits Las Vegas, Nevada?

- Hilarye Fuller, Dotting the Map

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