The Top Reasons Why We Loved This Week’s Hotel Impossible: Ocean Manor Resort — Fort Lauderdale, FL

by Rachel on May 8, 2012


Oceanfront Deluxe Room #1 Post Renovation -- we <3 the yellow and gray combo!

Last night’s episode of Hotel Impossible took us to the sunny shores of Fort Lauderdale, where resort owner Frank called for host Anthony Melchiorri’s help to revive his fledgling property, the Ocean Manor. We really loved this one — it scratched our OCD cleaning bug when Melchiorri found dust pretty much everywhere — and especially dug the soft palette designer Blanche Garcia implemented in the renovated rooms. (And the fact that she saved the hotel nearly a million dollars in upcoming construction, too!) Besides these typical but awesome tune-ups, we picked apart our favorite moments from Melchiorri’s stay at the Ocean Manor.

1. The cheap(ish) valet parking.

Listen, the Ocean Manor definitely had problems with its valet staff. Particularly the attitude of some. [Hey, Roger? We’re talking to you.] And even though how often one paid for parking was a bit confusing to guests, the resort, to be clear, charges $5/day for valet parking — the only option. While that may seem kind of pricey, think about if you were staying in a major metropolis like San Francisco, where valet rates can spike above $50 per day.

2. “I don’t speak English, I’m from Brooklyn.”

What up Anthony! As a staff full of Brooklynites, Oyster has a lot of love for the coolest borough in New York. And since the Hotel Impossible host has a snarky ‘tude with the brains to back it up, we’re proud to say we speak Brooklyn too. Shout out to Greenpoint!

3. Calling out the Ocean Manor on its metal keys…

I mean, do I even need to address this? When was the last time anyone used anything but a electronic key card at a hotel? Anthony even told the hotel owner, Frank, that all upscale properties have been using the so-called “modern technology” for over 30 years now. Errr, Frank? Time to jump on the key card bandwagon.

4. …but giving the resort kudos for its killer views.

We’ll give a property credit when we see it: The hotels’ sweeping vistas of the Atlantic Ocean are some of the nicest we’ve seen anywhere in the world. The mere fact that Ocean Manor was charging under $200 for some of the nicest beach views Florida has to offer is practically insane. After the renovation, Anthony let the Ocean Manor team know that some of its top rooms — like this one — can go for around $600 per night.

5. The maid with the headphones. You know, the one talking on her cell phone. And using a clean towel to wipe her mouth.

We just hope she’s no longer with the hotel.


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Colt May 14, 2012 at 2:10 pm

Am I the only one or did I get the sense that the owner is a little too friendly with certain members of the staff (like the lady who is the “manager” of the valet service) … maybe family type connections … and also one who has a GM who seems woefully out of his depth? This place advertises that it spent millions in renovation … that’s something I did not see … also this is not really a classic hotel. Actually, most or all of the units are privately owned condominiums that I would surmise, are in a rental pool … so a rather large fact to omit for the whole aspect of the “Hotel Impossible”. Any renovations would need to funnel through the condominium association documents … just talking out loud hear, but how would Frank spend millions on 100 rooms that are owned by somebody else? This is really the “Rental Condominium Impossible”. The three “rooms” renovated for the show are probably owned by Frank and/or his family. You can tell a lot about a hospitality/rental property by the staff … I would not have the GM in that position … way too wish-washy, the manager lady for the valet would be gone … could you imagine trying to receive any relief by complaining to her?, the valets with the “I can do what I want, when I want” attitudes would be gone in a New York second … driven off on the toe of my shoe … squarely placed in their conceited little behinds; likewise for the housekeeping staff manager and her minions of ill-trained, unmotivated housekeepers. What a mess … however a mess that is engendered and fostered by a guy named Frank who wants to be a “big shot” and probably likes the idea he is perceived as a bit of a rough edged bully. A good manager could do wonders with this property with a re-branding, time, and a foundation build-up for a better reputation which could lead to some loyalty … if it was a hotel. This place has no reputation to speak of now … save nice views and a tiki bar that caters to locals who come by for a drink … not the guests who patronize the rental pool of condos and services of the house. Frank really wants a place where he can have neighbors and friends stop at the tiki bar for a drink, look at the broads in bikinis, get lucky once in a while and buy the attendance of guys who used to play professional sports or “Way-Down-The-List-Publicity Hounds”. He did not do anything to improve the stock of the owners at Ocean Manor. Too bad … this could be a great project if it was still one of the Galt Ocean Mile hotels.

Ehud Avni July 6, 2012 at 5:12 pm

Comment #5, welcome to Florida!! This is typical behavior of Haitians working in the USA. Completely clueless with a camera in her face, & dirty. The rooms are filthy because that is the norm for them. I’ve worked with many of them & whenever someone inquires about a filthy move they just did, it’s always followed by a quizzical look. If you think the housekeepers are disgusting, what do you think goes on with them in the kitchen? ;-) This isn’t just an issue at the OM, it’s a statewide problem.

renee rabito July 12, 2012 at 10:44 am

The dirtiest rooms ever, mold , holes in the ceiling old bathtubs no grab bars showern curtains on expansion rods that fall down. Cigarette burns on the furniture and bed covers. Holes in the ceiling, water damage in the bedroom. Sagging mattress with bed
bugs. I have bites on my arms neck and backside. Imagine trying to sit down with
these bites. Even the phone in the room did not belong to the hotel, it said Florida Grande WITH A TOTALLY DIFFERENT NUMBER and room number. Had to move out
totally ruined my vacation. Even charged for second night when we did not stay because we checked out after 12. Horrible tvs I could go on and on This hotel need a complete makeover. We arrived on July 3 left July 4 returned home July 11 after checking in to another hotel and I still have remnants of bed bug bites from the

Brooklyngreg August 10, 2012 at 10:05 am

I like the show, but the commets here also are eye-openers. I wish Anthony could visit some of the 2 star places I stayed and he has really opened my eyes regarding quality and what to look for. I could not imagine staying is a place with bed bugs just for the view. Yes, I would have fired those valets and do-nothing managers as well. In NYC, they would have been replaced once guests complained. Anthony, I like your no-nonsence style.

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