The loveliest, dreamiest, sexiest hotel beds

by admin on November 6, 2009

The New York Palace

The New York Palace

Hotel beds are typically used for four things: sleeping, watching TV, babymaking, and, unfortunately, lying awake and irritated by crappy sheets, thinking about how much you wish you’d selected a hotel with a better bed.



Since option four totally sucks, check out our slideshow of the very best hotel beds, all of which feel as good as they look. Trust us; we’ve slept in ‘em ourselves.

Whether it’s a plush mattress, linens you could never afford to buy for your own bed, pretty headboards, or lots of rolling-around space, our picks for the dreamiest hotel beds just might make you reconsider any weekend plans that require you to be vertical. Just be grateful we didn’t post this on a Monday morning. You’re welcome.

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