The 5 Things We Love About Our New iPad App

by Rachel on February 14, 2012

Our iPad App home screen.

We’re so stoked to introduce our brand-spanking-new iPad app, which is available for FREE right now on the Apple AppStore. It’s pretty sweet. Here’s five reasons why we heart it:

1. The Maps! Did we ever mention we’re actually kind of geographically challenged? Well, we are, and the app’s interactive maps make finding hotels — or a specific landmark — a cinch. Want a hotel that’s actually on the Northern coast of the Big Island, that’s really on the beach? Done.

The interactive maps on our app.

Check out more shots of our app after the jump!

2. The HUGE Pictures. We pride ourselves on our amazing — and real — hotel photography. Swiping through them on the app enables you to see a hotel’s main features in mere seconds, and they look pretty effin’ glossy on our iPad screen. Just saying.

Our amazing photo collection on the app.

3. The Filters. Ever want to stay in a hotel with room service and a private balcony? Our app makes it a non-issue with just a few taps.

Filter your way through our collection to find the perfect fit.

4. In-App Booking. You know how some travel sites open a bazillion windows when you’ve found the hotel you want to book? Not here. It’s seamless.

Our app's seamless transition from Oyster to a booking agent makes planning your next trip easier than ever.

5. The Quirky Collections. We’ve made it easier than ever to have fun with hotels — check out spots where celebs have had affairs, hotels that have been designed by the best in the biz, and ones that offer everything “green” — even the shower water.

Oyster's favorite pet-friendly hotels across the U.S.

So, you know what to do: Download the app now.

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