Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

Pooch lovers, rejoice: The 136th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is around the corner, airing on February 13 and 14. (Check your local listings for exact times and stations.) And since the many participants need to set up shop in New York for the big show, we figured we’d share our hotel expertise, but this time, we’re matching the dog — not (really) the owner — to the best spots for, well, Spot, to call home. Check out more of our hotel picks for different kind of pups, then vote: Which hotel would you stay with your dog at?

THE DOG: Labrador Retriever
THE HOTEL: Affinia Dumont; New York City, NY

Credit: Courtesy of Flickr.com (dog); the lobby at the Affinia Dumont; New York, NY

WHY IT WORKS: Like its sister properties, the Affinia Dumont offers food and water bowls, doggie sidewalk bags, and even the services of a pet psychic through its Jet Sets program. But the Dumont is also known for its fitness focus, and an athletic dog like a lab needs to get its exercise. You can easily set up some extra walks (at an additional fee), or just head over to the East River path nearby for your own free stroll — or run.

THE COST: $25 surcharge; $250 and up for any pet-related damage after check-out.

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Awww. You're so cute I'm going to feed you caviar!

Awww. You're so cute I'm going to feed you caviar!

Some of the world’s most pampered pooches will strut their stuff today at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show: Their teeth will be clean, their toenails trimmed, and their fur arranged just so. Anyone who’s seen the Christopher Guest classic Best in Show knows that some pet people really love their pets, and will go to any lengths to keep them happy. And the current pet-friendly hotel trend means that it’s never been easier to spoil your dog rotten on the road. Below, we’ve listed five of the most extravagant pet services we’ve encountered during our travels.

Pet room service menus: Pet room service menus are almost de rigueur at pet-friendly hotels these days, and many of them offer a lot more than your run-of-the-mill dog food. The inventiveness, and prices, of some of these gourmet treats caused us to raise an eyebrow — or, in the case of the $98 caviar at Raffles L’Ermitage, two eyebrows. Here is a selection of the most elaborate offerings:

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Ginger, the teacup Pomeranian that serves as the Muse's "Director of Pet Relations"

Ginger, the teacup Pomeranian that serves as the Muse hotel's "Director of Pet Relations"

Over 2,000 VIP guests will flood New York City hotels next month, and camera crews will await their arrival. We’re speaking, of course, of the American Kennel Club champions coming to town for the Westminster dog show, taking place at Madison Square Garden February 15 and 16. If you and your precious pooch are planning to watch (or participate) in the event, and still need a place to stay, not to fear — Oyster has hounded out the city’s very best pet-friendly hotels. We visited all 99 properties that allow pets, and investigated their pet services first-hand, from the great (gourmet food, doggie pedicures, and dog walking) to the not-so-great (steep fees and ungenerous weight limits).

The properties right next to Madison Square Garden will be the most popular for champions and their owners, but in honor of the competition, they’ve have jacked up their pet fees. Below, we’ll give you the lowdown on each. For fans that have the option to stay anywhere, or participants who don’t mind taking their little winner on a cab ride, we’ve listed some of our picks for New York City’s best pet-friendly hotels.

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