It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes, put on a bikini and jump in the pool. Even if you’re not a swimmer, you can still get a full-body workout with these water exercises from Mark Hendricks, Group Fitness Manager at Greenwich Equinox in New York City. Plus, working out in the pool is so much fun, you’ll forget all about the scorching temps. Just don’t forget your sunblock!

So grab a noodle (floaties if necessary) and jump in! Our friends at Self.com helped us pick the most effective pool workouts to look your best in that new, stylish bikini.

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Cross Country Ski

  1. Mimic the cross country skiing action: while one leg moves to the back the other moves to the front with opposing arms (if your right leg is back, your left arm is forward), allowing your spine to rotate.
  2. Do 16 reps touching the bottom and 16 suspended (feet not touching the pool floor) for a total of 3 sets.

Muscles used: Total body with focus on lower body and spinal rotation
Best hotel pool:  The Beverly Hills Hotel, LA
The huge, beautifully landscaped, full-service pool is one of Beverly Hills’ best. Attendants seat guests around the serene pool (no traffic noise here) and bring free water and menus for poolside dining from the Cabana Club Cafe.

Bevery Hill Hotel, LA Bevery Hill Hotel, LA

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