Sweden and Norway typically conjure images a la Frozen: Stunning icescapes punctuated by the rogue reindeer or a flash of brilliance from the Northern Lights. But there is more to these Northern European countries than meets the eye — and it’s not all winter and chill. When hockey season ends and the sun comes out to play, Scandinavians flock to the coastline for summering on the shore. Whether boating along their country’s rugged oceanfront or exploring its lakes, Scandinavians embrace the warm weather with gusto. There’s also phenomenal hiking, golfing, and other athletic activities to enjoy, as well as island hopping and shopping, so Norway and Sweden are both wonderful, not to mention atypical, holiday vacations to squeeze in before the summer’s over. Check out our favorite stays and activities in Scandinavia.

1. Hotel J; Nacka, Sweden 

hotel j

This nautical-themed, boutique hotel has a secluded, out-in-the-country feel perfect for summering in Sweden – but in reality, it’s only a 10-minute drive from central Stockholm, making it convenient as well as picturesque. Though the suburban area of Nacka, one of the city’s business hubs, can be relatively quiet at night, the Hotel J has an excellent waterfront restaurant that’s often bustling. Nacka is well-regarded among sailing enthusiasts and spa-goers, making it an apt choice for a holiday. Read More »


Executive Park View Junior Suite at the Baglioni Hotel London; London, UK

Executive Park View Junior Suite at the Baglioni Hotel London; London, UK

1. FACT OR FAKEOUT?  British Airways recently announced the “Big British Invite” promotion, which offers a free two-night stay at the ultra-luxe Baglioni Hotel London with the purchase of a round-trip ticket between the US and the UK.

2. FACT OR FAKEOUT? Oprah Winfrey has bought a four-room, six-and-a-half-bath condo at the Montage Beverly Hills for $14 million. This will be her ninth residence, and her second home in California.

3. FACT OR FAKEOUT? The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas will have to pay a $1 million fine as the result of employees accepting payments to supply prostitutes, cocaine and pain killers to undercover agents.

4. FACT OR FAKEOUT? Faktum Hotels is a non-profit website that allows people to book a hotel room for the homeless living in Gothenburg, Sweden.

5. FACT OR FAKEOUT? The W New York’s Detox for Retox package helps guests follow a juice cleanse program with a selection of juices and raw-food items delivered to their room.

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