Scuba Diving

Fun, sun, and…scuba? For many, a trip to the beach just isn’t complete without the possibility of a deep sea dive. Whether you want to explore ship wrecks, meet creatures of the deep, or wonder at gorgeous coral formations, scuba diving can be a fun and athletic opportunity while you’re on vacation. Getting certified is crucial before attempting a dive, and if you choose to give it a go, we’ve compiled some of the best dive sites in North America for you to visit. Some may not realize just how many dive sites await in our own backyard!

1. Dive: Half Moon Caye, Belize

Half Moon Caye in Belize offers divers the chance to go on a wall dive–a dive in which the vertical facades of the earth’s landmasses are explored. The depths at Half Moon Caye (and really at any wall dive) are tremendous, giving you the very correct feeling that you are staring into an abyss. The waters at Half Moon Caye are particularly clear, despite the depth, so you will be able to see all manner of wildlife, including loggerhead turtles, rays, barracuda, and eels.

Stay: Portofino Beach Resort 


The professional dive shop on-site at the romantic and secluded Portofino Beach Resort is a major draw for adventure seekers. Read More »


Consider yourself an adrenaline junkie? Feel the need for speed? Well, you’re definitely not alone — and lots of folks seek their thrills out when traveling or on vacation (because flying on a trapeze is way cooler when you’re 3,000 miles away from home ). Before you sign your life away on one of these amazing adventures, check out all of our favorite places to get high, the natural way, of course.

Trapeze Lessons

Trapeze at Viva Dominicus Palace Resort; Dominican Republic


  • WHERE TO DO IT: The Viva Wyndham Dominicus Palace Resort; Dominican Republic
  • WHY IT’S KILLER: Soar through the air (albeit while tethered to security wires) for free at this Dominican party spot. Actual circus performers teach guests how to hang upside-down by their knees while swinging 25 feet the air. While you won’t be in the next Ringling Brothers show, we can guarantee that you’ll get a rush from the lesson. Wind down on one of the hotel’s pristine beaches, some of the best on all of the island.

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