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We here at Oyster love staying on the cutting edge, be it with hotel trends or technology (have you seen our app?!). We also love taking full advantage of everything there is to experience with hotels, and there is often no better way to do that than with some handy hotel apps (like ours!). We’ve loaded up our iPhones and Androids in search of the best hotel apps around, and found these great, user-friendly apps that make our travel a lot easier and a lot more exciting. Best of all, they pair nicely with the Oyster Hotel Reviews and Photos app (have we mentioned that yet?), available for iPad. Download it and then take a look at some other great apps below!

At Conrad Hotels, like this one in Miami, guests can have concierge service in the palm of their hands.

Download: Conrad Concierge (free, Apple)

Standout feature: Pre-select designer bath amenities

The Hilton luxury brand Conrad is known for making its guests feel especially comfortable, so it’s no wonder that they can cater to you not only in person, but also through your iPhone or iPad. The app makes it easy to arrange everything you need — transportation, spa treatments, you name it – before your stay. Read More »


iPadAppWe already told you guys about our incredible new iPad app — you know, the one with interactive maps, tons of destinations, and collections with vacation ideas ripe for picking. But with the launch of Apple’s latest iPad — which already sold over 3 million units in its first weekend on shelves – we had to quickly make some improvements to make our app iPad3-ready. Curious how we souped it up in time for the iPad3′s release? A lot of coffee, nail biting, and well, tons of work. Check out the improvements we made after the jump!

Update: Our latest version was so impressive that the App Store asked to feature it — which we did. The best part? Having a “featured” app can increase our site’s organic traffic by three or four times as much!

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Our iPad App home screen.

We’re so stoked to introduce our brand-spanking-new iPad app, which is available for FREE right now on the Apple AppStore. It’s pretty sweet. Here’s five reasons why we heart it:

1. The Maps! Did we ever mention we’re actually kind of geographically challenged? Well, we are, and the app’s interactive maps make finding hotels — or a specific landmark — a cinch. Want a hotel that’s actually on the Northern coast of the Big Island, that’s really on the beach? Done.

The interactive maps on our app.

Check out more shots of our app after the jump!

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