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Easily one of the most beautiful hotels in the United States — if not the entire world — the Post Ranch Inn offers a romantic, intimate stay amid the gorgeous natural surrounding of Big Sur. An eco-sensitivity is palpable throughout the property, particularly in the rooms and at the award-winning spa. The treatment menu is exhaustive (in a good way, of course), aiming to help guests relax and get in touch with both the surrounding nature and, more importantly, themselves.

Shaman Jon Rasmussen at the Post Ranch Inn. Photo Credit: Gabriel Skvor.

To aid this rediscovery, the hotel offers a variety of shamanistic services — including illumination, soul retrieval, divination, and fire and drum ceremonies — from Jon Rasmussen. A full-time shaman, adviser, and author, Rasmussen has had very active dreams and out-of-body experiences, as well as several near-death experiences at an early age, which catalyzed his interests in spiritual teachings. He spoke with us recently about his life’s work and how the Post Ranch Inn plays into his practice. Check out our full interview with him after the jump »  Read More »