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Though they can quickly turn from gilded to just plain gaudy, gold style accents(done right) are some of our favorite design trends, and can bring a unique luster to any room. So whether they have subtle metallic accents throughout, or are just unabashedly gold from every angle, these are our favorite rooms for feeling royal on the road. After all, you don’t have to be The Donald to appreciate the finer things in life. Just take a look at some of these gilded greats: When it comes to giving us the royal treatment, these rooms have the Midas touch!

The Gold Room at the Michelberger Hotel shines from top to bottom.

Hotel: Michelberger Hotel, Berlin

Stay: The Gold Room

Undoubtedly one of our favorite gold rooms for its sheer commitment to the look, the Gold Room at this Berlin boutique is eccentric, playful, and just plain fabulous. Take look at the disco-inspired bathroom! Even in all it’s metallic glory, the room has a romantic vibe — complete with an in-room whirlpool —  that is sure set the mood for any guests lucky enough to spend the night in its opulence.

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Public Restroom at the Hotel Constanza Barcelona

Public Restroom at the Hotel Constanza Barcelona

Who hasn’t ducked into a hotel to make use of a clean public restroom while on vacation? While hotels across the board often have nicer public bathrooms than, say, the local gas station, some hotels’ bathrooms go beyond just clean. Whether employing attractive streamlined design or antique decor, hotels are upping the ante when it comes to their public bathrooms, and we at Oyster have seen the best of the best. Check out our ten favorites in this slideshow.

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