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New York’s Most Stylish Hotels

by Hilary on November 22, 2011

These hotels are the most fashionable, stylish, trendy, and the all-around best Vogue-esque vibe you can get.

Trump SoHo

Donald Trump’s first hotel in downtown New York has the attention to detail and hands-on service you’d expect from a Trump property, but the slightly hipper vibe and great SoHo location cater to a younger set. The exclusive, celebrity-filled Kastel bar, pricey Quattro restaurant, luxurious spa, and seasonally open pool are the hotel’s main features.

Trump SoHo

Trump SoHo

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Entrance at The Plaza

Fashion Week is about to descend upon us (and by “us,” I mean the city of New York) again — but this time, all of the designers, models, and celebrities (and the media frenzy that follows) will swarm around Damrosch Park at Lincoln Center instead of Bryant Park, where the iconic, white-tented event had previously been held since 1994. For this year’s Fall 2010 Fashion Week (which, confusingly, was held in February), we brought you six Fashion Week hotels to suit your style. But we expect that your style may have changed since then, so we have prepared a new list of hotels that will fit your fancy for September’s Spring 2011 Fashion Week. And if you like what you see, book with us! Read More »