Elie Seidman

Oyster is so hot in Chicago right now! Not too long ago, our CEO Elie Seidman appeared on Fox Chicago News, and last week, he was interviewed on WGN Chicago. He showed viewers some of our Photo Fakeouts and told Chicagoland why hotel guests should be careful about judging a hotel based on marketing images from other hotel sites. Because we have visited all of the hotels on our site, we can show you what you can really expect during your stay based on our own experiences.

Watch Elie on WGN Chicago:


Our last blog post told you about Oyster being featured on About.com, and now, some more exciting news on the “Oyster in the News” front. This morning, our CEO Elie Seidman was interviewed live on Fox Chicago News. He showed several of our Photo Fakeouts and explained why you need to be wary of hotel marketing photos. Is that beach really as empty as the marketing photos would have you believe? Is the pool really big enough to go surfing in?! We visit all of the hotels on our site so that we can show you real photos and show you what you can actually expect when you arrive. 

Watch Elie on Fox Chicago News: