Dream Inn Daytona Florida Front Desk

Ummm....yeah. Photo: Courtesy of Travel Channel

Ugh, you guys: Hotel Impossible Season 1 is officially over. (Tear.) It’s been a great season for Anthony, Blanche and the HI team as they’ve renovated, retched, and then righted thirteen properties along the way. And while each property had its own unique challenges, no hotel proved to be more in need of a straight up redesign and internal restructuring than the Dream Inn in Daytona, Florida.  Owned by two Southern families attempting to “live the dream,” the Dream Inn was far from celestial — even the hotel’s GM, the owner’s son Jody, was unable to make any decisions due to the family drama. But when Anthony comes in, we know he’s going to save the day. And for the Dream Inn, the HI team pulled out all the stops to fix the delapidated rooms, disgusting yellow exterior, and the over accessorizing with dolphins. Wanna know what we loved the most? Read on for more.

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