So, you scored tickets to Coachella? Sweet. Even if the festival is on the verge of becoming overpriced and over-exposed, this year’s lineup is practically too good to pass up. There are your requisite superstars (the Black Keys, Radiohead, and Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg), your high-profile band reunions (Mazzy Star and At The Drive In), indie buzzbands (the Weeknd and Neon Indian), and everything in between. And while tickets and flights may have set you back a fortune alone, the idea of pitching a tent in the desert for a weekend doesn’t appeal to everyone — especially if you’re not 18 anymore. Thankfully, the resort town of Palm Springs is only a 30-minute drive away with more hip hotels than you’d expect from a once sleepy golf town. As die-hard music fans and hotel experts, we’ve rounded up the best hotels and matched them to the fans that fit them best.

The music you love: Radiohead, the Black Keys, Pulp, Dr. Dre & Snoop Dog
The right hotel for you: The Movie Colony Hotel

Pool at the Movie Colony Hotel; Palm Springs, CA

For all the indie and underground music buzz it generates, Coachella still snags a handful of top-tier verified rock stars. This year certainly doesn’t disappoint: we’re some of the biggest Radiohead and Black Keys fans here at But a huge aspect of the music experience is taking part in the legacy, to be able to say you were there when history was made. For fans like these, we recommend the storied Movie Colony Hotel. The property has played host to some of the greats, including Jim Morrison, Marilyn Monroe, and Frank Sinatra, and sports a ’60s-inspired decor that celebrates its history. The pool is open 24-hours (albeit a little tiny), so you can feel free to take a dip after a day in the desert. Hitting up Coachella with your fan club in tow? Check out the townhouses, whose living rooms open directly into the pool area. Just don’t pull any old-school-rock “I’m a golden god!” moments and jump in from the roof.
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