Teresa Giudice, Credit: Kelly Jordan/; NeNe Leakes, Credit: Amanda Schwab/; Ramona Singer, Credit: Kelly Jordan/; Tamra Barney, Credit: Amanda Schwab/

If you’re anything like us, you’re glued to the tube almost every night of the week to catch the latest episode of the Real Housewives. From Beverly Hills to Atlanta, from Orange County to New Jersey, Bravo follows America’s favorite train wrecks that we love to hate love, capturingĀ all of the madness that goes down. Who needs to watch WWE [Ed note: One of our staffers sure does!] when any given night of the Real Housewives yields a 50% chance of a wig pull or a black eye? And more importantly, where have some of the classic moments gone down? Lucky for us, at some choice hotels — read all about ‘em after the jump!