Apple Maps

The world has been abuzz since Apple introduced the new Apple Maps — and the chatter has not been positive. As we’re sure you’ve heard, this map app won’t be too helpful if you need, well, an accurate map. Instead, flubs such as roundabout directions, museums pinned in the middle of the ocean, and a whole list of destinations that can’t be found add up to making Apple Maps a real flop. But hey – it certainly can be entertaining (that is, if you’re not in a rush to actually arrive at a certain location). We had some fun finding just where Apple Maps would send you if you were trying to get to some of our favorite hotels. Enjoy!

The Hotel: Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic

Heading to the luxurious Casa de Campo on the coast of La Romana? Apple Maps will only get you as far as the La Romana airport, so that 10+ mile drive to the resort is up to you to figure out!

Look at what you’re missing!

The Beach at Casa de Campo

The Beach at Casa de Campo

See more gorgeous photos (and an accurate map) of Casa de Campo here.

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