See exclusive photos of Jeffrey Chodorow’s FoodParc, open today!

by Kelsey Blodget on September 22, 2010

Food Parc opens today at the Eventi Hotel

Lunch in Chelsea just got a lot more exciting. The long-awaited FoodParc from restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow (of China Grill fame) opens today at the Eventi hotel on 30th and 6th, and we can almost hear the office workers in Flatiron and Chelsea rejoicing. Or maybe we’re just a little out of it, because we’re still recovering from our food comas; my colleague and I headed over to FoodParc yesterday for the press preview, and in the name of research, we chowed down on dishes from all of the dining venues at the upscale food court. Fornetti serves up sandwiches and soups, as well as salads and pastas on top of flat-bread pizzas; 3Bs (Bacon, Burgers, and Beer) serves, well, exactly what it promises, plus shakes, malts, and alcohol from a full-service bar; and RedFarm Stand serves egg rolls, buns, wontons, dumplings, salads, rice, and noodles. We skipped the La Colombe coffee at Press, because food comas and caffeine do not mix well. (Although you can also get fresh-squeezed juice, smoothies, pastries, and newspapers there, starting at 7 a.m, making this a great spot to hit up on the way to work).

In addition to the food, we were fans of the cool high-tech ordering screens, and the option to get a text message when your food is ready. Take a look at the space (and what we ate) after the jump. And stay tuned for the opening of the “park” part of FoodParc, which is currently under construction.

  • Location: FoodParc, 839 6th Ave, near 30th St., next to the Eventi Hotel
  • Hours: Fornetti, 3Bs, and Red Farm open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Press, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Press serves La Colombe coffee, teas, pastries, juices, and smoothies.

The disposable French press coffee cups at Press

Fornetti, the Italian to-go spot at FoodParc

Fornetti specializes in oven-baked flatbreads.

Patrons order their food on high-tech screens.

Spaghetti squash carbonara with pancetta, peas, pimentos and cream from Fornetti ($9.95)

3Bs (Bacon, Burgers, and Beer) makes its burgers with a special hanger steak burger blend from Pat LaFrieda Meats.

The full-service bar at 3Bs

Neuske's bacon and dried cherry cherry barbecue sauce from 3Bs ($3.50)

Fried green tomatoes and dipping sauce from 3Bs ($2.95)

RedFarm Stand at FoodParc

The kitchen at RedFarm Stand

Skewered chicken and shrimp dumplings with chili soy sauce from RedFarm Stand ($5.50)

Mushroom spring roll from RedFarm Stand ($3.95)

Vegetable fried rice with grilled chicken skewers from RedFarm Stand ($9.50)

The Cafe at Eventi provides seating for patrons.

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