Puerto Vallarta Photo Fakeouts: Proof You Shouldn’t Trust Hotel Marketing Photos

by Kelsey Blodget on August 14, 2013

Marketing image from Hotel Las Palmas by the Sea, Puerto Vallarta

Marketing image from Hotel Las Palmas by the Sea, Puerto Vallarta

Chances are you’ve heard of our popular Photo Fakeout series, where we show our honest hotel photos contrasted against the sleek, staged, and misleading images put out by hotel marketers. The results can be shocking, and sometimes humorous (unless you’re the one who got tricked and booked into that misrepresented resort, of course). Our investigator Jennifer Garfinkel headed to Puerto Vallarta with ABC’s The Lookout┬áto get the scoop on some Mexican photo fakeouts, and boy, did she find plenty. Check ‘em out.

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RJ August 19, 2013 at 4:22 am

While I agree the blue is a little much and your use of the word “fakeout” is also overbearing. I disagree with your photos looking “normal” as I have lived in PV for over 20 years, I’ve seen those wonderfully blue sky & ocean days. Your pictures are disingenuous to the area,as it looks like they were taken during the “summer” months, when it rains nearly every day and the clouds give the beautiful ocean a bit of a grey hue. Yes this hotel is a little rough, that’s part of its charm. If you want fancy and new, go to the hotels out by the airport, where they have to worst beaches in the area, all of it dredged to make the beach in the late 70′s. Why don’t you try visiting the area during the time when you might just see that beautiful blue of the ocean and clear clean skies.

Kelsey August 20, 2013 at 3:59 pm


Thanks so much for your feedback. The reason the marketing photos are “fakeouts” is not because of the blueness of the ocean and sky, which we agree can be very blue and beautiful in Puerto Vallarta. We do, however, object to the staging, cropping, and color saturation tactics that the hotel marketers have used. We are not necessarily criticizing the hotels themselves — just their marketing! Thanks for your feedback.



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