Post-Sandy Caribbean Rundown: How Your Favorite Islands Fared

by Kelsey Blodget on October 31, 2012

If you have an upcoming vacay booked for the Caribbean, don’t despair — plenty of resorts are up and running after the storm. And even if you don’t have a trip planned, we know many travelers grow attached to their favorite hotels and vacation destinations; a reader wrote us just the other day asking how her favorite resort in Jamaica was doing post-Sandy. So decided to let her — and all of you — know how each of your favorite islands in the storm’s path fared, and share the recent social media updates from some of our favorite resorts in each place.


Sandy did make landfall in Jamaica as a Category 1 hurricane, and the island suffered one death and $16.5 million worth of worth of damage (crops such as coffee, bananas, and coconuts were all impacted). But tourist resorts for the most part were only minimally affected.

Half Moon had no damage aside from a few fallen tree limbs and debris and is fully operational.

Half Moon is fully operational, and had no damage aside from some fallen tree limbs and debris.

Oyster’s Post-Sandy Resort Pick: Half Moon, Jamaica

Puerto Rico

Sandy did not make landfall in Puerto Rico, but it did cause flooding and one death. Resorts, however, seemed largely unaffected — one of our favorite luxury spots, The Horned Dorset, posted photos of clear skies and beautiful sunsets after the storm.

The Horned Dorset Primavera tweeted photos of sunsets and clear skies after the storm passed.

Oyster’s Post-Sandy Resort Pick: Horned Dorset Primavera, Puerto Rico


Sandy hit the Bahamas with 100 mile her hour winds and caused around $300 million in damage, but many resorts stayed open during the storm and seem to have bounced back quickly. Lynden Pindling International Airport reopened on Oct. 27, Grand Bahama International Airport reopened on Oct. 30, and the Grand Lucayan is open and suffered no major damage.

After Sandy hit the Bahamas, The Radisson Grand Lucayan is open for business and reporting no major damage.

Oyster’s Post-Sandy Resort Pick: Radisson Grand Lucayan, The Bahamas

Dominican Republic

The D.R. reported two deaths and 30,000 evacuations due to flooding in the south of the country, but major resort areas such as Punta Cana, Puerto Plata, and La Romana were unaffected by the storm, aside from receiving some wind and rain.

Casa de Campo and other major resorts in the D.R. were unaffected by Sandy, aside from receiving some wind and rain.

Oyster’s Post-Sandy Resort Pick: Casa De Campo, Dominican Republic







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