Photo Fakeout: The missing panoramic view

by Jennifer on February 24, 2011

Marketing Photo

Marketing Photo

Oyster's Photo

Oyster's Photo

If you’re a morning person, you may have caught featured in a segment on NBC’s Today Show this morning. Last week we were on location with the Today Show in beautiful Costa Rica, where an Oyster investigator found the above Photo Fakeout.

La Mariposa Hotel only shows one photo of a Full Ocean View Room on its website (seen above, left). When we checked into that same room type, we sadly only found one of the three windows shown in the hotel’s photo.

The room shown on the hotel’s website does exist — it’s the Full Ocean View Room that’s located at the corner of the hotel. We, however, received a Full Ocean View Room in the middle of the hallway, and therefore only had one window.

To be fair, the view from our balcony was beautiful, and the hotel is known for its amazing panoramic views from its restaurant and pool — just be cautious when choosing which room type to book.

If you haven’t yet seen the Today Show’s segment about and hotel marketing, please do check it out!

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David K Newsom February 26, 2011 at 1:11 pm

Dear Oyster,

With increasing frequency, I do rely on Oyster, as well as TripAdvisor, when making travel plans. Both venues provide real customer based information that I find most helpful and useful when selecting accommodations.

That said, however, I must question the fairness and candor of the above allegation, “Photo Fakeout: The missing Panoramic View”.

If I am not mistaken, the above photo is from Hotel Mariposa in Manuel Antonio, CR, top floor corner room. Again, if I am not mistaken, there are several other Ocean View rooms available at Hotel Mariposa with similar panoramic views (i.e. multiple windows).
As in most hotel buildings, different rooms offer different views as they are in differing locations throughout the structure. I do not think it deceptive advertising, at least purposeful deceptive advertising, for a hotel to use its’ finest facilities or its’ best views in marketing/advertising materials….who would expect otherwise?

As a hotel guest, I do not necessarily expect to be accommodated in the exact same or identical room as pictured in a marketing brochure or advertisement, rather I expect an accommodation of similar quality with similar amenities.

In the specific case of Hotel Mariposa, I honestly do not believe there is/was any attempt to “Fakeout” anyone as the above title suggests.

While the above title “Photo Fakeout” is a little insinuating, I must give credit to Oyster where credit is due. The blog itself does qualify the title, by stating, “to be fair, the view from our balcony was beautiful, and the hotel is known for its amazing panoramic views from its restaurant and pool”.

Again, Oyster, thank you for your valuable input and information. Please however consider using more discretion when using such words as “Fakeout” in your titles/headlines, as such words themselves can perhaps be deceptive.

As for anyone considering a visit to Costa Rica……I too can highly recommend Hotel Mariposa. Over the past decade, I have stayed in many/most of the finer hotels in Manuel Antonio. It is to Hotel Mariposa, however, that I usually return.

If perhaps you find anything at all not to your liking or expectations…… just let the staff know. I am certain they will do anything and everything possible to make your stay as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

And, in closing….

If ever in Swansboro, NC…….

Please visit us at Crystal Coast Commercial Fishing.

Cheapest/Tastiest shrimp in the ENTIRE WORLD…

David K. Newsom
Owner/Operator Crystal Coast Commercial Fishing
Also noted “Oyster Enthusiast”
Swansboro, NC

Fair Warning….
With regard to Crystal Coast Commercial Fishing and shrimp, this MAY be nothing other than another one of those inappropriate and misleading owner written product reviews.

Jennifer March 2, 2011 at 11:56 am

Hi David – Thanks so much for the feedback and for taking the time to write in. We’re happy to hear that Oyster has become one of your go-to resources! As for La Mariposa, it’s possible that there are a few Full Ocean View Rooms with multiple, panoramic windows (we know there is at least one, shown in the marketing photo), but when we checked into our Full Ocean View Room, we had a solid wall with just one window at the end, leading to our balcony. While many travelers such as yourself no longer expect to receive the room advertised online, we think it’s a shame. We had no way of knowing that our room wouldn’t look like the one image shown on the website.

That said, there is definitely a lot we liked about the hotel, and just because we found the marketing photo misleading doesn’t mean the hotel won’t be reviewed positively on our website. As we mentioned in the initial post, the views — for one — are to die for! The whole staff was attentive and kind.

We will be posting our Costa Rica hotel reviews in the coming weeks, and we hope you’ll submit comments about the properties where you’ve stayed! We look forward to your continued feedback.



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