Oyster’s 10 Favorite Travel Tweeters

by Devon on October 25, 2012

With only 140 characters to spare (and that includes the requisite hashtags and handles), shaping the conversation about travel isn’t always easy. Luckily for us, Twitter has tons of accounts that influence, amuse, and inspire us in all of our worldly adventures. Here are ten of our favorite tweeters — and their hilarious tweets — who have given us new insights (and a whole lotta laughs) on our traveling journey. #ReadOn

Most Enviable Tweeter: Anthony Bourdain

Follow: @Bourdain

Travel Channel's Anthony Bordain gives the people what they want

As the Travel Channel’s rebellious alternative to Samantha Brown, No Reservations host Anthony Bourdain tweets read exactly how we want them to: Food porn, booze, cultural insight, restaurant recommendations, more booze, and nostalgic druggie flashbacks. Whether he’s recounting last night’s whiskey binge in Philly, or posting  pictures of his beef noodle entree in Taiwan, Bourdain’s  tweets make for a great nightcap on our feeds.

Furthest-Reaching Tweeter: NASA

Follow: @NASA

NASA covers everything from the edge of the solar system to our own backyards

 Space may be the final frontier, but NASA does plenty of exploring on this planet, too. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration uses its precious 140 characters to give updates on weather patterns, meteor showers, and atmospheric changes, all while posting images from satellites all over the solar system. Though we’re excited to see everything the Mars Curiosity  rover beams back, we’re really reloading our feeds for the images of  the polar icecaps and tropical storms looming over the Pacific coast.

Most Relatable Tweeter: Susan Orlean

Follow: @susanorlean

Orlean's tweets are funny, self-deprecating, and poignant

In addition to being the real-life inspiration for the Meryl Streep role in the 2001 movie Adaptation, Susan Orlean is a staff writer for The New Yorker  and a contributor to countless other publications. She chronicles her travels, as well as life on her farm in upstate New York, in tons of publications, but her funny and often-personal tweets are how she connects with fans on a whole other level.

Most Adventurous Tweeter: Sir Richard Branson


This Virgin exec plays around the world, and even tries to save it

Follow: Sorry Donald Trump, but there’s only room for one mega-rich hotelier on our list, and it’s Sir Richard Branson. The Virgin exec and unabashed thrill-seeker regularly details his adventures, in addition to encouraging responsible tourism in areas such as Haiti and places that are home to endangered species. Also, he recently posted about DJing with Skrillex at a Virgin music festival. Coolest dad ever? We think so.

Most Social Tweeter: Instagram

Follow: @instagram

Part news, part social media, Instagram highlights instant global postcards

The hugely successful photo app has transformed social media with instant postcards from around the world. The company’s twitter feed shares images you may have missed on the app and its blog, focusing on an array of events like Berlin’s Festival of Lights, pumpkin season, and Nelson Mandela’s birthday celebration in South Africa.

Most Comprehensive Tweeter: Time Out magazine

Follow: @TimeOutLA

The London-based company publishes 60 worldwide city guides weekly

Sometimes you don’t even need to leave your city to have an international experience. This city guide has 60 editions worldwide – which include New York City, Athens, Bucharest, Dubai, and now Los Angeles — and each features comprehensive weekly listings for every neighborhood and lifestyle. The London-based company continues to expand stateside and elsewhere, giving locals and visitors plenty of in-the-know scoop for every corner of the world.

Most Well-Rounded Tweeter: Steve Martin

Follow: @SteveMartinToGo

He's still wild and crazy, he just takes in on the road now

 Just like his handle says, Steve Martin is always on the go. The funnyman is also a self-described banjo-fiend and tours regularly with bluegrass greats, regaling fans with stories from the road via Twitter along the way. And even though the comedian has a new and more serious role as an Earl Scruggs-disciple, he still has that sharp, zany wit we’ve always loved.

Most Interesting Tweeter: Library of Congress Maps

Follow: @LOCMaps

With the Library of Congress’s map collection, ewe discover interesting bits of history — as told through cartographic data, of course — every day. Reading about Yosemite becoming a state park — and then a national park – can’t compare to being able to see the map that Abraham Lincoln once looked at with Congress when deciding to designate the land as a protected area.

Funniest Tweeter: Agent Smith

Follow: @TSAgov

We know the real TSA is thinking this, so it’s nice to know someone is saying it

The voice of this fake TSA agent has a knack for sexualizing every pat-down and body scan from LAX to JFK. Agent Smith plays into some of our worst fears about the heightened anti-terror security measures, whether it’s threatening to replace X-ray machines with “piles of uranium,” or deeming all airline passengers guilty until proven innocent.

Most Fun Tweeter: JetBlue airlines

Follow: @JetBlue

Thankfully we have airlines like JetBlue to take the sting out of travel

Flying can be a panic-inducing nightmare between TSA, turbulence, weather, and the guy snoring next to you. But JetBlue tries to takes as much hassle out of the equation as possible with lower prices, personal TVs, free baggage check, and a generally more pleasant atmosphere on board. And the airline’s twitter account not only shows some great deals on flights, but advertises their hilarious game shows and promotions, including their current on-going Election Protection promotion to fly some (un)lucky winners to the Caribbean if their presidential candidate of choice loses.


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