Oyster.com is looking a little bit sexier today

by admin on September 1, 2009

The new look of Oyster.com

The new look of Oyster.com

We’ll admit it: we did have some work done. We’re looking kinda sexy though, right? And we’re pretty confident that you’ll dig the new features we’re rolling out in conjunction with Oyster.com’s newest look – and if you didn’t stumble across ‘em already, here’s a quick rundown of some new goodies we’ve just launched:

1. Inline Photos. Yeah, we had a lot of big chunks of text before. To break up all that black and white, we’ve added inline photos to our reviews. Plus, now you’ll be able to see exactly what we’re referring to when we describe something as a “gratuitously sexy place for peace and serenity” without clicking over to the photo gallery.

Awards and inline photos

Awards and inline photos

2. Awards. Each hotel’s profile now displays all the ways we’ve recognized the property. For instance, now you can see that we’ve included the Venetian on our list of the Best Bathrooms in Las Vegas, we’ve named the property one of the Best Bachelor Party Hotels in Las Vegas, and Delmonico’s Steakhouse inside the hotel was one of our picks for the Best Steakhouses in Las Vegas.

3. Sharing Tools. You now have the option of pulling up a 100% printer-friendly version of any of Oyster’s reviews – or you can share any of our content via email, Twitter or Facebook with just a couple of clicks. Piece of cake.

4. Facebook Connect. We encourage everyone to submit their feedback and join in on the conversation – but, as you know, you need to show us your face first. To help ensure the authenticity of user-submitted commentary and reviews, we require all commenters to log in through Facebook Connect before publishing any public feedback.

5. The Homepage. Oh, yeah, one more thing: we have a new homepage. It’s got lots of cool stuff on it, including a new and improved search feature, lots of pretty pictures, and dozens of ways to help you find the hotel that’s right for you. Go poke around.

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