New Years Resolution Redos: Hotels to Help You Start the Year Over

by Rachel on January 16, 2012

We know how bloated/badly/gross you felt on New Year’s Day — and how you vowed to kick the nasty habit causing your “pain.” (Or weight gain, whatever.) Well, folks, it’s January 16 — can you say that you’ve started your resolution yet? Because around here at, many of us have (whoops) let our resolutions fall to the wayside — because we’re so dedicated to our jobs, of course. But for the rest of you, well, you don’t have an excuse. No matter what you’ve planned on resolving, we’ve got the perfect hotel to remedy it.


VISIT: The Affinia Dumont, New York City

The fitness center at the Affinia Dumont; New York, NY

WHY: This fitness-themed hotel (Like, literally, there’s sports-themed artwork in the lobby) provides a complimentary “StayFit Kit” in each room, which includes a yoga mat, stretching blocks, 3 DVDs, workout bands, wrist/ankle weights, and a city map for a DIY jog. Basically, the Affinia Dumont is giving you all the tools to get ripped — in your PJs. And since the hotel is suites-only, you’ll have the space in your room to do so. Should you want to actually throw on some clothes, there’s an amazing gym and a special fitness concierge to help whip you into shape, too.


VISIT: Marriott Suites Las Vegas; Las Vegas, NV

A lightened-up dish at Windows Grill at the Marriott Suites Las Vegas; Las Vegas, NV

WHY: I know, you’re probably thinking, “How can I better myself in the City of Sin?” But take our word for it — the Marriott Suites can do just that. It’s far off The Strip and offers no nightlife of its own — the perfect way to keep your brand-new diet in check. The hotel’s restaurant, Window’s Grill, serves up traditional American fare — but with a TON of healthy twists. Diet-friendly dishes are labeled “low cholesterol,” “low fat,” or “carb conscious,” and should you decide to throw a bit of exercise into becoming your new healthy self, there’s a basement gym that offers up the essentials — and that’s it.


VISIT: The Ambrose; Santa Monica, CA

Preferred parking at The Ambrose; Santa Monica, CA

WHY: This 77-room, midrange boutique spot is one of the most environmentally focused hotels in Southern California, making it our top LEED-certified hotel pick (in fact, it was the first hotel to receive the U.S. Green Building Council’s Silver Certification. The Ambrose recycles or composts 75 percent of its waste output, all of its appliances are Energy Star rated, 15 percent of guest rooms use Clean and Green Wind Power, plus, bath tissues, copy paper and napkins are made from recycled materials. The toilet and shower are also water-efficient, natch. Did I mention hybrid cars get preferred parking?


VISIT: Vdara Hotel & Spa; Las Vegas, NV

The shops at Vdara Resort & Spa; Las Vegas, NV

WHY: A quiet atmosphere in Vegas is certainly a rarity, and the Vdara takes hold of that within its two-story spa space. Their spa menu is carefully crafted with treatments for just about any kind of Vegas-goer, but for the person who swore off insanity, your best bet would be the French Lavender Soothing Massage ($140 for 50 minutes). The essential oil has been known to help insomnia, irritability, and of course, stress. Grab a smoothie at the juice bar on your way out — you’ll feel nothing short of blissfully ignorant.


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