Lucky Shops Portland–And Oyster Tells You Where to Stay

by Kristina Fazzalaro on September 5, 2012

Rose City may best be known for its lush natural surroundings and eco-centric personality, but that doesn’t mean fashion-forward visitors should stow their credit cards for a rainy day (although, this is the Pacific Northwest we’re talking about, so I suppose you could do so). Along with our friends at Lucky Magazine, we’ve found all the best places to shop (and sleep) in Portland, no matter what your personal style. From hipsters to socialites, we’ve got you covered on the chicest boutiques both to rest your head and shop ’til you drop.

If your style is avant-garde…

Shop: The underground scene in Portland is alive and well. Having grown up from its days of grunge and grit, the avant-garde Portlander is now a sophisticated (but still off-beat) animal. Machus, for example, features unisex staples for those daring enough to sport the androgynous look. Ensembles are completed by Solestruck’s sky-high platforms, which are often embellished with spikes or sparkles.

Hotel Monaco Portland

Hotel Monaco Portland

Stay: If  you’re style exudes the artistic quirk and over-the-top charm of the avant-garde, you’ll fit right in at the Hotel Monaco Portland. Set in a historic 1912 building, this top-notch downtown locale has a bevy of (off-beat) freebies for guests to enjoy, including an evening cocktail hour where guests can actually paint their dream ensemble for free with brushes, canvases, and easels that the hotel sets up in the lobby. Hotel Monaco also showcases local art, has bright, whimsical decor, and even loans out the house goldfish for the lonely traveler. Shopping for him (or her) will most likely prove more difficult.

If your style is sophisticated…

Shop: For the more tailored, buttoned-up fashionista, Portland offers a solid selection of ladylike couture at House of Lolo in the chic Pearl District. Another option is Styles at Odessa, which brings a bit of Paris to Portland. You can count on spending some major time (and cash!) in this petite one-stop-shop.

Hotel Lucia

Hotel Lucia

Stay: The ideal hotel for the sophisticated lady must be crisp and clean, sugary sweet with a hint of spice (this is the 21st century, after all). You’ll find all of those ingredients at Hotel Lucia, an artsy boutique known for its sleek interiors and luxe amenities. Modern decor in the guestrooms feature clean, simple lines, luxurious linens, and a rich color palate that will satisfy even the most sophisticated clientele. Famous black and white photographs line the walls and fine art is displayed in the lobby, yet another upscale touch.

If you’re hipster (and you know it)…

Shop: Portland is a hipster’s paradise. One of the first city’s to put the flannel-wearing, locally-focused trendsetters on the map, hipsters will have no lack of boutiques to peruse in this rainy outpost. Lucky’s favorites are Stand Up Comedy and the DIY gem Tender Loving Empire, where you can find a well curated selection of Oregon designers and foreign treasures.

Ace Hotel Portland

Ace Hotel - Portland

Stay: Exuding an understated-cool vibe, the Ace Hotel – Portland is a well-established hipster hangout. A buzzing happy hour in the lobby bar encourages mingling amongst a trendy crowd, and affordable hotel rooms keep the creative types dotting the premises. Ace gets brownie points for its prime location in the thick of Portland’s nightlife and for its quirky, bohemian style. Reclaimed school chairs, stacks of vinyl records, turntables, and nightstands made out of books or suitcases are common decor. Hipsters will also appreciate the local, organic breakfast and eco-friendly philosophy.

If you’re glam obsessed…

Shop: Vintage and glam might not appear to go hand-in-hand, but Portland’s thrift stores have upped the ante. Outlets like Magpie and Animal Traffic — carrying everything from standard ‘70s button-ups to leather skirts to bejeweled bijoux — are a glamazon’s style heaven. Recycling is key in this city (on every level) where wealthy neighborhoods border downtown shopping districts. The collision creates a constant exchange of high-end labels in Portland’s vintage boutiques, perfect for the glam shopper.

Hotel deLuxe

Hotel deLuxe

Stay: If you don’t want to feel overdressed, stay at the great downtown spot Hotel deLuxe, where the Art Deco furnishings are inspired by the Golden Era of Hollywood. We’re talking plush drapes and sparkling chandeliers, juxtaposed with black and white photos of your favorite old-school stars. There’s even a screening room and seasonal rooftop cinema on-site for you to get some fashion inspiration from your favorite starlets.




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