How to take great travel photos

by admin on December 2, 2009

Lesson 1: It’s the Lighting, Stupid!

The Georgian

#1 Gloomy weather makes for a gloomy Georgian

The Georgian

#2 The right sunlight does wonders for photos







 These photos of the Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica demonstrate one of the most basic and easy-to-follow “rules” of travel photography: Better light equals better photos.  In photo #1, grey overcast lighting leaves the Georgian looking as gloomy as the weather.  In photo #2, warm sunset lighting makes the bright colors of the building pop, and the shadows give dimension to the palm trees and design details of the building — no Photoshoping or expensive gear required.

Of course, you can’t change the weather, and you’re not going to waste your vacation waiting around for the perfect light.  But sunrise and sunset are reliably great times to take outdoor photos. And try to keep the sun behind you — shining on your subject, not directly into your lens.

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James December 3, 2009 at 4:41 pm

I prefer taking photos around noon when the sun is overhead, which brings out all the color in the environment. I use sunrise and sunset for “mood” photos. If you have a DSLR camera, invest in a polarizing filter. The effect is similar to looking through polarizing sun glasses – enhancing certain colors.

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