Haute-els: High-design hotels by hot celebrity designers

by Angie on July 30, 2010

Lobby at The Mark

When we visited The Mark hotel recently, we instantly fell in love with its stunning design. Styled by Jacques Grange, one of France’s most celebrated interior designers (and fashion icons, apparently – he made it onto Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed list in 1994), The Mark is sleek, playful and ultramodern. But Monsieur Grange isn’t our only favorite celebrity hotel stylist — after the jump, check out unique designs from household names such as Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren, and Lenny Kravitz (yes, that Lenny Kravitz).

Jacques Grange: The Mark

Location: New York City

Bar Mark at The Mark

This hotel, built in 1927, adopted a strikingly modern style after Jacques Grange redesigned it. Grange, whose apartment in Paris features a lifetime’s worth of collected art, fashioned the hotel with vivid colors and prints in order to update the historic landmark.

One-bedroom suite at The Mark

Grange designed or personally selected all of the hotel’s furniture, including this blue printed chair and the monochromatic gray rug on which it sits.

Bathroom at The Mark

The guest bathrooms have all been outfitted with white marble and nickel trimmings. Some guest bathrooms in the hotel’s suites have a striking, high-contrast black-and-white striped marble floors (reminiscent of the lobby floor seen a few photos up).

Oscar de la Renta: Tortuga Bay

Location: Dominican Republic

Grounds at Oscar de la Renta's Tortuga Bay

Designed by the celebrated Oscar de la Renta, this 15-room Dominican Republic resort offers incredible service — including preferential treatment for guests at Punta Cana airport.

Bedroom at Tortuga Bay

Meant for couples, but still accommodating toward children, the rooms at Tortuga Bay are handsomely decorated with casual tropical elegance.

Pool at Tortuga Bay

Unlike the pools at nearby mega resorts, the pool at Tortuga Bay is rarely crowded, and the waiters are very attentive.

Ralph Lauren: Round Hill Hotel & Villas

Location: Jamaica

Bedroom in Villa 6 at Round Hill Hotel and Villas

The rooms at Round Hill Hotel & Villas — all designed by Ralph Lauren — are spacious, clean and beautiful. In his signature style, the American designer outfitted the hotel with clean lines and eye-catching colors.

Private dining room at Round Hill Hotel and Villas

The furniture in Villa 28′s dining room is snow white, like many other elements of the hotel. Lauren chose to mask the hotel in white to reflect Jamaica’s alabaster beaches and hot sun.

Infinity pool at Round Hill Resort and Villas

Built into a cliff’s edge, the 24-hour infinity pool (which glows red and turquoise by night) is the resort’s most popular feature. The white pool furnishings are punctuated by bright blue cushions from Ralph Lauren’s Home Design Studio.

Lenny Kravitz: Delano Hotel and The Setai

Location: Miami

Pool at the Delano

The Delano Hotel in Miami is one of Oyster’s top hotels for celebrity sightings in Miami. The hotel garnered the attention of singer Lenny Kravitz, who was commissioned to design a recording studio and a night club inside the hotel.

Florida Room at the Delano Hotel

This singer also designed a recording studio at the nearby Setai hotel, another notorious celebrity hot spot in Miami. At the Delano, Kravitz designed the Florida Room (shown here) and installed a lucite piano in the lounge that is allegedly identical to his own.

Florida Room at the Delano Hotel

Kravitz picked the design elements (like this chandelier) in the recording studios and the Florida Room. On Tuesday nights, club promoter Tommy Pooch holds a party in the Florida Room and after 11 P.M., even hotel guests have to wait in line to party in Kravitz’s space.

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