Foto Friday: Name Your Price!

by Devon on November 9, 2012

While we were in St. Lucia, we stayed at many beautiful luxury resorts. A couple of our favorites included the tres chic Jade Mountain, where every room has its own infinity pool, and the Stonefield Estate Villa Resort and Spa, which boasts a top-notch spa complete with a yoga studio, relaxation deck, and salon. But even though both of these resorts provided beautiful accommodations and breathtaking views, one cost us a cool $1,600 a night while the other was a mere $250 a night. Which is which? Take a look at the hotels’ photos (Jade Mountain here and Stonefield Estate here) and then find the answer after the jump!                       

Jade Mountain

Stonefield Estate








Did you guess that Jade Mountain has the steeper rates? You’re correct! Though it is more luxe than the Stonefield Estate (it scored five pearls while the Stonefield has four), we would argue that the Stonefield Estate provides an equally serene oasis for guests — and we’d rather spend six nights at the Stonefield than just one at the Jade. Plus, we’d still have some leftover change!









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