Foto Friday: Name This City!

by Devon on December 21, 2012

Take a guess of where this shot was taken!

This historic city may be known for a certain charming, old-world downtown district, but the city also has a bustling business center filled with skyscrapers along a gorgeous river setting. And this big small-town has more to brag about than the scenery. Not only were poker and craps first played in this sometimes-sinful city, but the terms “Dixieland” and “Uncle Sam” also hail from here. Though this town is synonymous with the genre of music that it pioneered,┬áit’s also the site of the first opera to be performed in the U.S. back in 1796.

Think you know? Find out after jump!

Answer: New Orleans, the Crescent City (and, of course, the Big Easy)!


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