Foto Friday: Amster-Dam Good View

by Zach on March 2, 2012

The thing about Amsterdam is that the outside world has it all wrong. Of course, there are the coffee shops filled with stoned tourists and the live sex shows of the Red Light District that give the city a hedonistic reputation. But that side of of the city is simply an overhyped niche, a carnal circus of overindulgence in a place that’s steeped with history, art, and culture. Locals take offense to visitors who miss the true creative spirit of Amsterdam, and after out visit, we think rightfully so. This view from the Ambassade Hotel is proof that despite what you may have heard, the city is great a place to relax, hop on a bike, and explore the winding streets and canals.

Views at The Senior Suite at the Ambassade Hotel; Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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