Michele Bigley

Kilauea Fish Market

Ancient Kauai royalty (alii) dined on freshly caught ahi and taro. Today, most dining establishments want you to think that regal dining in Kauai means forking over 40 dollars for a toenail-sized serving of fish more reminiscent of a Kandinsky painting than a meal. However, if you know where to look, you can enjoy some of the freshest seafood and most delicious fare in the state without having to take out a second mortgage. Read More »


Lava rocks at Lydgate Beach Park create kid-friendly swimming areas

Picture it now, the swaying palm trees and crystalline sand along the United States’ most clandestine stretch of the Pacific. The sun beats on your back, the water beckons. Then CRASH. An epic swell crushes your hopes of letting your tot (or even yourself) touch more than a toe in the warm seas.

But don’t scratch Kauai off your safe swimming vacation lists just yet. The locals here have a long held respect for the ocean, so in order to give their little keikis a way to cool off, they’ve constructed enclosed swimming areas using that oh-so-useful lava rock. Although some beaches still need to be admired from afar, here are three kid-friendly beaches for you and the kids to enjoy.

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