Summer is here! And it’s got us dreaming of a long (island) weekend to kick things off in style. But when heading to Long Island for a little fun in the sun, visitors have to make a choice between staying at an uber-luxe spot and staying at a nice spot that’s not quite as pricey.

Our first option is the gorgeous Panoramic View hotel in the Hamptons, where rates for Memorial Day weekend start at $175 per night. The hotel has a lovely pool overlooking its stretch of private beach, and great views from the in-room balconies and patios. The slightly more upscale Allegria Hotel on Long Beach also boasts ocean views from its stunning pool and spacious rooms, but charges almost $400 per night on the same holiday weekend.

Can you tell which view is from which hotel? Take a guess in the comments section below, and then find the answer after the jump!

Option 1

Option 2

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Mixing business with pleasure? Trying to trade your business suit for a bathing suit? As much as we love getting away from the office, it’s sometimes hard to think about all the work piling up back at our desks. (Emphasis on sometimes.) So for those instances when we need to check our emails or send out those TPS reports while getting some R&R, these gorgeous tropical retreats have us covered, and with more than just a phone jack. Whether they feature ample meeting spaces, dedicated business staff, or any number of other great work offerings, these properties are sure to please any productive vacationers, so you’ll have just the right mix of business with pleasure. Enjoy your bizcation!

Work and Play At: Porto Bay Rio Inernacional Hotel, Rio de Janiero

We'd trade in our desks for this setup any day

Rio is both a beautiful beach getaway and a mountain-lined urban hub, so it’s no wonder that many of the city’s hotels try to appeal to both business and leisure guests simultaneously. The Porto Bay Rio Internacional Hotel is one of these hotels. Located directly across from the Copacabana beach and offering a stocked, 24-hour business center, the property also boasts some pretty incredible ocean views from the fitness center, meeting rooms, and restaurants, so you never really have to tear yourself away from the beach to get Johnson those TPS reports.

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The dry desert air may not be for everyone. Then again, neither are humid, tropical climates. While the desert offers its own exciting adventures (gorgeous sand landscapes and an array of impressive creatures, anyone) tropical getaways boast lush greenery and exotic wildlife all of its own. So which one would you prefer — a Desert Destination or Tropical Travel? Take a look at the options below and then enter your adventure pick in the comments section.

Option 1: Trekking the Tucson Desert Terrain

For a true desert escape, Tucson's Tanque Verde Ranch is hard to beat.

Tucson is one of the most popular destinations in the Southwest, attracting outdoor enthusiasts with its expansive desert terrain and year-round warm weather. With countless golf courses, hiking and biking trails, and endless rock-climbing opportunities, Tuscon makes for a great desert getaway almost any time of year. But visitors take note: temperatures reach into the 100s during the summer months — and watch out for scorpions!

For those in search of a great desert retreat, the Tanque Verde Ranch in Tucson has everything you’d expect from a true Western ranch, with horse stables, a nature center with tons of native creatures, and trails for hiking and biking. Read More »


Romantic Eco-Friendly Stays

by Devon on May 16, 2013

The Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa is just one of our favorite eco stays!

For eco-minded couples, choosing the right getaway means finding a spot that pleases both your partner and Mother Earth. Some couples opt for an au natural vibe on their trips, while others just want to practice a clean-conscience approach to travel. For those who love tree-hugging just as much as they snuggling up with that special someone, we’ve found the best hotels for environmentally-friendly duos who don’t want to skimp on the romance.



Gorgeous Napa Vineyards

by Devon on May 14, 2013

California’s Napa Valley attracts plenty of visitors each year with its gorgeous scenery, gourmet eats, and, of course, some of the best wineries in the world. While Napa has other great draws, its wineries are an undeniable source of inspiration for most visitors to the region. So drink in the best that Wine Country has to offer with a look at a few of our favorite Napa stays with impressive vineyards right outside their doors.

Auberge Du Soleil, Rutherford

The view of Auberge du Soleil and the surrounding vineyards

With only 50 rooms, this countryside resort is one of the most exclusive in the entire Wine Country region. With a stunning location between the Rutherford Hill winery next door and hundreds of other nearby vineyards, the Auberge du Soleil boasts one of the most dramatic landscapes in the area. Added bonuses are its Michelin-stared restaurant and lovely sculpture garden.
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It's a pink explosion in the Barbie Suite at the Palms!

Hotels often incorporate themes into their rooms, but these so-called themes are usually “classic elegance,” “boho chic,” or “understated luxury.” In the case of the rooms in this slideshow, however, the themes are a bit more specific — and over-the-top. From a suite that Barbie would approve of, to a room dedicated to David Beckham (and, in particular, his abs), we’ve found some amazing themed rooms and suites that are worth a visit (or at least a look).


Foto Friday: Name This City!

by Devon on May 10, 2013

Think you know recognize this skyline? See if you're right!

This bustling capital is its state’s fifth (and supposedly final) city to hold that title, and was even referred to as Marthasville before being renamed. Known as an “alpha world city,” this economic center has the third highest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the United States. And more than just major world headquarters have called this area home: Julia Roberts, Spike Lee, and Martin Luther King, Jr. are all natives. But just what city are we talking about?

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Watersports -- and plenty of other fun! -- await you in the Florida Keys!

The Keys have a little something for everyone — and fortunately, everything can be done under the Florida sun! Whether you want to hit the beach, set sail on the waters, or make some non-human friends, you can find fun in the Keys, from Key Largo to Key West. Take a look at just a few of our favorite Florida activities!




Lafayette Square, Washington, D.C., getting weird

We’re not exactly sure what kind of gathering these Washington, D.C. motorists are joining forces for, but we wish were in on the action. Whether they’re there to rally or there to party, this group looks like they’re about to segue into a good time.

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Bike Loans at C/O The Maidstone

The Hamptons has a reputation as one of the East Coast’s premier beach destinations, filled with natural beauty and luxe amenities. So whether they’re high-end spas, Buddha gardens, or some exclusive yacht parking, these Hamptonite amenities are some of our favorite hotel extras ever. Take a look at the perks that make weekends away in the Hamptons even better!