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Water rides are just one of the many ways to keep cool while at Disney

It’s about a billion degrees in Orlando during the summer, so how can you stay cool while you visit Walt Disney World? As the poem goes … “Let me count the ways…”

Swimming Pools

The obvious way to stay cool at Walt Disney World is to jump into one of the great pools. Pools like the Hippy Dippy Pool at Disney’s Pop Century, or Nanea (the Volcano Pool) at the Polynesian Resort are – like all of the hotel pools around Disney World –  great places to escape the heat.

Water Parks

Another way to get away from the Central Florida summertime furnace is by visiting one of the awesome water parks. Both Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach (the world’s coolest water park) are great for getting out of the broiling sun and into a nice, cool lazy river.

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Disney Monrail

Walt Disney World is a huge place.  There are four theme parks, two water parks, hundreds of restaurants, thousands of shops, millions of people … How does everyone get around? Are things close enough to walk? Are there buses? What’s that monorail thingy? Where does it go? What about boats? I’m always seeing pictures of boats at Disney World. And the big one, how do I get from the airport to the parks?

How does one get from point A to point B in the 47 square miles of Disney World?

Walt Disney was fascinated with transportation. He developed some interesting transportation technologies when he was building Disneyland, so it’s no accident that Disney World has a very large transportation infrastructure that’s capable of moving over 15 million guests per year all around the property. That’s a whole bunch of folks.

How they do it (and how you should do it, too!):

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Snow Stomers toboggan ride at Blizzard Beach

Water parks are magnets for families all summer long, and leave it to Disney — no doubt the world’s leader in amusement park innovation — to create one of the world’s coolest water parks.

Of course Disney World has some great pools for families to splash in, like Nanea at Disney’s Polynesian Resort or the pool at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas Resort, but Blizzard Beach takes the splashing one step further.

Blizzard Beach was created after a freak snowstorm  hit Orlando. Disney built a ski area with ski trails, slaloms, and tobogganing, but needless to say the snow melted and the ski resort was no more. An alligtor was seen “riding” a slide into a pool that had formed below, and along came the idea to transform the ski resort into a water park. Today you’ll see “Ice Gator” featured in the park’s logo.

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Disney's Polynesian Resort has the best beach in Disney World

Let’s take a look at the top beaches at Disney World. Wait, what’s that you say? BEACHES? At DISNEY WORLD? In the middle of central Florida?

Yes, there are a few. They’re found at the hotels that are located on the Seven Seas Lagoon, which is the big lake just outside of The Magic Kingdom that many folks cross by ferry to get to the park. The hotels are located along the Lagoon are:

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The Japan Pavilion at Epcot has some of the best sushi in Disney

There’s no doubt that the number of sushi lovers is growing all the time, and the trend is as true in Orlando as it is anywhere else. So if you’re headed to Disney World for vacation and can’t live without your raw fish fix, here’s a guide to hooking Disney’s best sushi.

1) Japan Pavilion in Epcot Center

Not too surprisingly, the best place for sushi in all of Disney World is the Japan Pavilion at Epcot Center, where all of the eateries serve at least some sushi. The contemporary Japanese menu at Tokyo Dining includes sushi, sashimi, and maki rolls, which is made by chefs stationed at a bar in the dining room. Teppan Edo, known for stir-frying meals on tabletop grills right in front of guests, also serves sushi, as does Yakatori House, a casual eatery overlooking the Japanese gardens.

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Best Disney World buffets

by Carl Trent on April 23, 2010

Boma Flavor's of Africa at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

Boma - Flavors of Africa at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

Where are the best Disney World buffets? It’s a good question with a yummy answer.  I know what you’re thinking: A buffet, yuck. But reserve your judgment until you’ve tried one — Walt Disney World’s buffets may surprise you.

The most interesting of the Disney World buffets is the breakfast and dinner at Boma in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Boma offers African inspired dishes like Couscous Marrakesh and FuFu (sweet and mashed potatoes with coriander and cinnamon). This is a meal is for the adventurous palate. It has flavors that aren’t your typical American meat and potatoes.

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The Wishes fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom is a great fun and free offering at Disney World

Walt Disney World is notorious for sucking money out of its guests’ wallets. But there are some really nice, free, or very inexpensive activities a family can enjoy during a Disney vacation.

The best fun and free offering at Disney World is watching the Magic Kingdom’s nightly fireworks show, Wishes, from the beach of one of the hotels on the monorail. The best beach to watch Wishes from is the beach at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. You can grab a pool chair and relax. The music is piped right on to the beach. It’s a great experience. (For more info on places to watch the fireworks, check out this post.) Read More »